Who Has Back Dimples?


I want to hear a shout out for all the girls that have back dimples!!! The next person who contacted me about doing a glitter photoshoot was a girl who loves her back dimples.  Now I have to say that I normally don’t know to much about back dimples because I don’t have them, but after seeing hers I am totally in love! She also had great dimples on her chest as well so we did a quick little bit of glitter on them as well!
I first met this dear girl at a previous group shoot and she had just such a regal queen like air around her, and  I told her so!  I hope that no one ever takes that away from her! She is small but she is mighty and  I only have mad respect for her and her back dimples 😉

If you have incredible back dimples or something else you would like to highlight with glitter please contact me! back dimplesback dimplesback dimplesback dimplesback dimples


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