Men Like Glitter too!


Who would have thought that men like glitter too! So I was doing some updated head shots for a fellow and as we were talking I was telling him all about the some of the body positive photo shoots that I have been working on and he totally loved the idea of using glitter to highlight parts that he loves!!!
He actually has fallen in love with his facial features and he wanted to show them off  so we did almost a masquerade effect or like a mask for his glitter shoot! I loved how I felt the glitter played off his duality of personalities!  So strong and yet his personality shines through! He is a very humble and caring person and I enjoyed getting to know him through out the shoot.  He will do great things in this world I just know it.  If you are ready to get your sparkle on please feel free to contact me here.Glitter maskGlitter maskGlitter maskGlitter mask


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