Sexy Collarbones


I have to say that I am so jealous of girls with sexy collarbones, yes  I know that sounds crazy but for me it is sooooo true.  See my collarbones don’t pop at all so I love shadows and highlights that you can get off a collarbone.  And the neck can be so elegant as well, so you put all of that together and boom you have an amazing photograph.
But what happens if you add glitter to the equation?  I dare say, magic!!!  Like sparkly, unicorn goodness, type of magic! This dear girl loves her collarbones and I can totally agree with her!! They are stunning without a doubt! She is also an amazing burlesque dancer in the Minnesota scene and I have to say probably one of the most sincere people I have ever met.   Such an honor to photograph her!   Check out her incredible collarbones, and if you would like to support or go see any of her shows, click here!Sexy CollarbonesSexy CollarbonesSexy CollarbonesSexy CollarbonesSexy Collarbones


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