It’s About to Get All Sparkly Up In Here!


So if you know me… you know I love sparkles!!!! I have many a shirt that has sequins on it and when I paint my nails I always have to have the glitter nail polish! I know I am still a little girl at heart that loves shiny, sparkly things.  I have a love for jewelry (even if I don’t wear it much) and I adore eyeshadows that have a bit of sparkle to them! There is just something about wearing something it could be anything that sparkles that just brightens my day!
I decided that I was going to offer some glitter sessions in the studio, because every girl deserves to sparkle and shine at some point in their life!! Wearing glitter totally makes you feel instantly in a good mood.  If you would like to get in on these amazing, sparkly sessions click here.

The first dear girl that I used glitter on she wanted to highlight her lips. They are a favorite part of her body and she wanted to celebrate it! She brought in this fantastic black body suit that had silver rings in it so of course we had to put silver glitter on her lips.  Check out these photos of her disco ball lips!


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