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Hi! I'm Andrea


y mission is to create an incredible experience that allows you to celebrate your confident, strong, beautiful self.

You will be pampered with hair and makeup, then shine in the spotlight as we celebrate who you are right now, capturing this moment in time.

I will be with you every step of the way encouraging you and showing you how others see YOU! When you leave you will have a little extra strut in your walk, recognizing that fierce, courageous woman who is inside you and has always been inside you.

 I truly believe that you are gorgeous right now, in this very moment and that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages! You are worthy right now to exist in photos. 
You deserves photos that show the sparkle and beauty that shines inside of you.   


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Fun facts about me:

1.  I  started  photography by photographing flowers and landscapes
2.  I can touch my tongue to my nose
3.  I am adopted 
4. I have photographed over 400 women so far! 
5. I also do astrology brith chart readings! 
6. Fuck is one of my favorite words
7. My favorite treat  is Lindt sea salt chocolate
8. I like to drink pickle juice
9. I loooove animals and I have a mini -aussie
10. I can't stand socks, my feet are always hot. 

The studio

When you walk into the studio you will be transported into a space where your wildest dreams can come true.  There are over 12 sets in the 1800 square foot studio, and more sets being rotated throughout the year. If you want to sparkle we have a gltter set, If you want bring out the vixen we have the VIP room. Or maybe you want to play in the bubbles!  Whatever it is we can make the magic happen at the studio.  

The Studio is located in  NE Minneapolis, in the historic Grain Belt Bottling Building. The studio is on the second floor and there is an elevator access.  

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What These Boudoir Babes Are Saying

Ms. K

I love them! I love how each outfit is a totally different vibe and feels like a different mood!  always have fun shooting with you and it's also always great to see you and hang out. Thank you so much Andrea

I absolutely loved working with Andrea! She brought out my inner Diva, and my photos turned out so beautifully! Her studio is great, and I loved the hair and makeup that came with the shoot! I would recommend working with her on any project. 

Ms. T
Ms. S

I chose to do a session with Andrea because I wanted to do something for me. I wanted to feel beautiful again. I wanted to feel sexy again. I wanted to love me. I wanted to smile.

I wasn’t sure what to wear and I fretted about it until Andrea said wear what you are comfortable in. I also had a reason to buy underwear and bras. I laughed and smiled a lot. I felt beautiful and sexy. I was comfortable enough to get pictured naked. Andrea made me feel relaxed enough to go with the flow. I smiled and laughed more than I had in a long time.

Seeing my pictures was amazing and it was hard to choose the ones I wanted. They made me smile and remember how I felt when they were taken.

Ms. S

Andrea is hands down the best. I originally joined a project she was working on, a calendar with the profits going to a domestic violence shelter, in 2018 only 9 months after I had weight loss surgery. The experience was so positive that I booked an individual session with her 2 years later. The photos turned out beautifully, but the experience was so much more than that. I walked away with confidence that was amazing. So amazing that again, two years later, I booked with her again recently. Again, the experience was so great, even better than last time.

Ms. M

Amazing time! Ladies, do not think about this, just do it! You owe it to yourself to be pampered and have some fun!! Andrea is very professional and friendly and I guarantee you will let your guard down and it will be one of the best experiences of your life!!

Ms. A

For my shoot I wanted to celebrate some of the everyday moments I think are beautiful. Lounging around in underwear, drinking a coffee, and doing the NYT crossword is when I feel fresh, confident, and smart- what’s hotter than that? Andrea did such an amazing job making me feel comfortable and confident that by the end of the shoot I was bold enough to even do some outdoor pictures, honoring all the Minnesota camping I love to do!

The pictures turned out amazing, and I can be quite the critic! The process from planning, to shoot, to photo review were so seamless that you can tell how much love and pride Andrea takes in her work and with every one of her clients.

Ms. K

 I’ve always been intrigued by boudoir photography but didn’t feel very sexy after babies and life (covid, talk about a body downer). Andrea made me feel even more beautiful then I thought I would and even though my husband was initially against me doing this, he couldn’t keep his hands off me after the shoot!! (Shout out to Hair and makeup for that one). I’ve now been exploring the world of makeup and love wearing lipstick. My confidence has grown 100 fold since this shoot. All thanks to Andrea and her team. Can’t wait for my photos to come and already have my next shoot planned 🥰

Ms. D

The session with Andrea Baue Photography was absolutely awesome! Amazing! fabulous! I had such a good time and I left with such a positive experience about myself and my body. I've been telling all my friends that you have to do a boudoir shoot for yourself.

Ms. B

From the first conversation to meeting to look at the photos, Andreas has put me totally at ease. She helped me feel beautiful and show that through my photos. I was a new person after I left my marriage and now I feel another boost to my confidence after this experience. I showed some of the photos to my best friend of 20 years and her first comment was, “I haven’t seen a smile like this on your face in years.”

By the end of the shoot, I didn’t want it to be over! I could have stayed there all day, taking more and more pictures. I forgot about the fact that I was so scantily dressed and was embracing all the amazing feelings it was giving me. If you have ever thought about doing a shoot for yourself, do it. You will not regret it at all. I think the best reason to do it is for yourself, because you will feel your confidence increase, you will see that beauty that others see, and it may just give you that boost you need to love yourself a little more.

Ms. E

For my second shoot, I wanted to push the envelope a little more. I went with outfits way outside of the box, things I wasn't sure I could pull off. When I arrived for my shoot, . Amanda (hair and makeup) did an awesome job playing off of my theme and reflecting it in my makeup. I looked FIERCE. I never look fierce- I look like a librarian! It was so fun to get to experience something so different. 

Andrea was so supportive during the whole process. When I had questions, she answered me really quickly. She makes everything so comfortable! She was awesome at directing the poses and facial expressions. I am so looking forward to getting to see my second shoot images, especially in comparison with my other photos! 

For the women out there who don't feel sexy enough to do a shoot, you are! It's an amazing, confidence boosting experience. You'll leave feeling better about yourself than you did when you walked in the door. 

You Deserve the best

I spend much of my time every year taking classes to better my skills and fine tune my photography and posing to give you the very best boudoir session you deserve.

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