Zebra Community- EDS


I know that this might be a bit vague of a title but I hope everyone after reading this will understand more about the Zebra Community or EDS.  EDS stands for Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder.  Sara Guerts is a girl that I met here in Minneapolis and she has EDS .  She is an aspiring model who wants to see all different types of bodies become models. That way it becomes more normal in our society and  we start to realize that all bodies are beautiful.
She has started to look at her own skin as her own unique stripes and they are just a small part of what makes her special.  Speaking from experience, she is own of the most down to earth, real, positive girls I have ever met.  I love being around her and getting inspired , she is an amazing speaker and just a truly kind heart! Please make sure to follow her on Instagram.  Give her lots of love! EDSEDSEDSEDSEDSEDSEDSEDSEDS


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