Senior Photos are not what they use to be!

My senior photo experience was that we traveled to the photographer about an hour away and my best friend and my whole family came.  We got our hair and makeup all done and we had some indoor photos taken.  We even were able to get some senior photos outside as well.  At the end I had a few photos with my best friend, and also my family it was such a fun day and a bit stressful because my mother was being a mother.  I remember at one point she literally licked her hand to smooth down some hairs on my head hahah!

Seniors now days want to stand out, they all have such different senses of style and are able to showcase that in their senior photos.  When in Las Vegas this last year I had a group of senior girls who came and all got pampered with hair and makeup as well as hour long photoshoot.  It was a blast to have these girls all bring their own sense of style, and who they were to the photoshoot.  The companionship and support that these girls gave to each other was incredible to witness!  I am soon excited to feature each of these beautiful girls in their own blog post.  I know that they will go on to do great things!


With out further ado I would like to introduce Miss Janae.  She had the most giggly, fun personality and was willing to laugh and be silly in the poses she didn’t care!  She just wanted to have fun, and be a girly girl!! I am pretty sure I squealed when I saw her skirt!! She was such a joy to photograph and she truly was ready to take on the world!! I am so excited to keep in touch with her and continue to be inspired by her!


If you are looking for senior photographs that celebrate who you are, contact me today and let’s discuss your photo shoot!


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