Why you Should have Professional Pictures Taken!

I want to know from everyone who reads this post, when was the last time you had professional pictures taken?  As a child my brothers and sister of course had the dreaded school photo, and then we would occasionally go in for the professional christmas pictures… and my mother still has those photos on the walls framed.  My family loves to laugh at the choice of hair cut or choice of clothes, but the amazing thing is that we all look at those photos with a fondness and memories.
There is power in having printed  photos…At almost every family get together we are always going through old photos, my mother has them stashed all over.. and we just chat and laugh and just remember…

Why you should have professional photographs taken

Pictures truly do freeze time and can take you back to that specific moment, you remember how you felt, what was happening, and all those emotions can rush up in you and you are just taken back to that moment.

This is why I take portraits and why I make sure with each digital image you also get  a matching print, it is the same price for both! Because the truth is those flash drives will fail, the computer that you download the pictures to will fail as well.  All of the pictures you take on your phone… they can disappear.  By having your photographs printed you will have a family heirloom, a treasure, a keepsake that can passed down to generations.  Your children will be so thankful later in life to have these treasured keepsakes to remember who you were at that time. So please Moms, dads, and children get in front of a camera, document your life, make sure to take the time to have professional pictures taken and be proud of all of the bowl hair cuts, or 80’s should pads  and hang those portraits on your wall!


If you are ready right now to book a photo shoot so you can create your own memories contact me today!


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