Minnesota Photographer Travels to Las Vegas

One of the amazing things about being a photographer is that I am able to travel to you!!! This last year I headed out to Las Vegas for a couple of Boudoir shoots.  Traveling allows me to utilize other spaces and allows me to play with lighting and such because each space is so different! Traveling is such a passion of mine but the best part is that I love being able to meet other ladies from different parts of the country to photograph and recognize that in the end we are all just girls on the inside!
Boudoir is such an intimate experience that I can understand that some people are not comfortable with their images out on the internet.  Which is why I allow you to be in control with which photographs I am able to show if any at all. Some ladies  prefer not have their names listed on the blog and some are very kind to allow me to show their intimate photos.  But one thing I do ask each person to remember  is that your  photographs I use  could encourage other women to have this incredible experience.  I love encouraging all women of all ages and sizes to have boudoir pictures they love!!!

With that being said, this dear lady allowed me to use the photos but no name so we will just call her Gorgeous!!!

blonde girl with brown eyes photographer travels to las vegas

Gold door and beautiful girlsheer black panties and gold door gold wall and gold cuffboudoir on a gold wallplum wrap used in boudoir profile standing posecoy blonde girl long hassle necklace with black braspotlight boudoir metal wall and intimate pictures pink lipstick and sexy photos

If you are interested in a photoshoot but you don’t live in the Minnesota area contact me. I love to travel,  explore new places and new people and become your photographer!  Or if you are in the Minnesota area, I would love to talk to you as well!



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