Panty Picnic Individuals Continued!

I hope that you all are enjoying seeing these beautiful humans!!! So we are continuing on with the individual sessions from the group panty picnic that we did! You can see the group images here, and the first set of individuals here!

Some people have been asking why I only use the initials and that is because I want to respect people’s privacy. Every girl did sign a release form so I could use the images but I still respect that they might not want their whole name out there! Ok so enough talk lets see these beautiful beings!!

Ms. A came from Duluth area and she has been following me for several years!! It was amazing getting to know her more!! She is so very thoughtful and even brought flowers for myself and Louise!

Ms. T is up next and she was a bit nervous but she totally just went all in and I think her images show that!! She also has a personal session coming up soon and I can’t wait to see the magic that we create in the studio!

I love when people just trust me even though they never have met in person before hahahah that is what Ms. H did and she totally rocked it!!! I hope I get to work with her again because the second time is even more magical!

Our very last person that participated is Ms. A. Yes I know we had a lot of Ms. A’s hahahaha! I have worked with her once before as well she is such a quiet yet energetic person! Her vibe is so calming and energizing.

If any of you are wanting to first dibs on the group events make sure to join my FB group! So thankful for these ladies stepping out of their comfort zone and just owning their own kind of beautiful!!!


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