Fu** the Patriarchy

So June 24, 2022 there was a major change in laws regarding women. Roe vs, Wade was overturned. In my private Facebook group of women we were talking about how this made us feel. When you realize that as a woman you have less rights then a deceased person, how can they do this? I think a lot of people were feeling lost, sad, mad as hell, and just felt like we were trash that it doesn’t matter what we do we will never be equals and we do not have rights. Truthfully I still can’t believe it.

I feel fortunate enough that I live in a state where our body choices are still our own but to even have to consider this right now as we get ready to vote for our government it just makes me mad and frustrated. How can we go back in time about this? I just don’t understand it.

I will forever be a person who will help another woman stand up for their rights. Which is why I held a group photoshoot called FU** the Patriarchy and all of the proceeds were donated!

These women did not know each other at all and we all came together shared our reasonings why we chose to do this (some have had abortions, some have had D and C procedures, some did not want children but the doctors would not take out their reproductive organs, some people had relatives who needed abortions, and some of them came just because we should have our own say over what happens to our bodies!)

We came together and created some art that worked through our frustrations as well as showing how strong we each are. As we are coming up on November 8th, I highly encourage you to do your research and really look at the candidates and then go out and exercise your right to vote.

We are going to continue to fight this and we have not forgotten even though no one is talking about it. If you want in on the next group project make sure to join the my private Facebook group here!


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