How to Practice Self-Care After Your Boudoir Photoshoot

My name is Gabby and I’m passing through to share some tips for how to practice self care after your boudoir photoshoot. 

Are you someone who tends to put everyone else’s needs waaaaay ahead of your own?  This is common for women, who are taught (and expected, let’s be honest) to place the needs of others before our own. For some women, giving like this can be energizing, but for many, it can lead to exhaustion & feeling deeply unappreciated. 

What would happen if you poured all that energy into maintaining the joy of others, into your own cup? 

One practice that will help your cup runneth over is a boudoir photoshoot. Embarking on an artistic adventure dedicated to yourself will remind you of your value, while you embody your femininity & re-discover yourself in a supportive environment that will envelop you with encouragement.  A boudoir photoshoot allows you to honor your body & mind. 

One little hint that might surprise you: a boudoir photo shoot can be quite the workout! Almost all my clients express that they’ve felt a little sore the next day, so keep reading for my fave self-care tips post-photoshoot. 

10 Post-Shoot Self-Care Ideas

To keep the exhilaration you will undoubtedly feel following your shoot, I suggest the following self-care practices: 

  1. Stretch: To avoid any muscle strain or discomfort, be sure to stretch your body following your shoot. You will want to focus on your shoulders, legs & core as they tend to be the most worked when posing.

  2. Date Night: This is a self-care tip for my extroverted friends. Take advantage of your stunning professional hair & makeup and hit the town! This can be either a romantic or a friendship date & should be suited to your personal interests: dinner, dancing, movies, or a concert. 

  3. Child Care: If possible, arrange for additional child care for a few hours post-shoot so you can have some time to yourself to keep the feeling of relaxation & luxury going all day long. 

  4. Massage: Getting a massage the day after your shoot will feel incredible, inviting relaxation and connection to your body, sending it appreciation and thanks. If a professional massage is not an option, you can do a self-soothing massage, by moving firm fingers around the top of your head for a head massage or by putting your opposite thumb to your palm for a relaxing hand massage. Or, find a small ball and use it to roll your back or feet. 

  5. A Warm Bath Or Shower: This is ideal for my introverted ladies. Depending on your situation, run yourself a warm bath or shower & add a bit of luxury with bubble bath, oils, or shower steamers. Allow the warmth to cradle you as you decompress & let your thoughts wander to how good the day made you feel. 

  6. Meditate: One thing I’d love you to try is meditation. Intentional mindful practices, including meditation, completely transformed my life for the better. I encourage you to sit with your thoughts post-shoot for even 5 minutes & meditate on how you are feeling, how the session made you feel & how you can incorporate that into your routine. There are plenty of guided meditations available online if you are new to it.

  7. Journal: The sooner the better, put pen to paper & write down everything about your empowering experience. Think about what you felt, the intentions you made & what you wish to carry with you, and ways how you can re-anchor yourself in the feelings of empowerment & confidence long after this day is over. 

  8. Talk It Out: Especially if you have been struggling with body confidence and self-compassion, I encourage you to make arrangements with your trusted circle (family, friends or partner) or therapist to discuss the empowering experience in detail.  

  9. Afterglow Scheduling: In the afterglow of your shoot, remember how good it felt to have time for yourself and use it as an opportunity to look at your calendar and schedule other self-care practices into your routine on a regular basis. This could be a monthly massage, registering for a language class, embarking on a road trip, or arranging a phone call with a good friend. Planning in advance makes it easier to follow through & gives you something to look forward to.

  10. Love Letter: Write yourself a love letter with a focus on gratitude & appreciation for your body & all of the things you are thankful for which it allows you to do. Perhaps include some goals focused on developing & growing your self-compassion. Save it somewhere safe & open it on your boudoir shoot anniversary. 

  11. Bonus Tip: Practice Affirmations: Like a love letter, affirmations serve as a daily reminder of your beauty & power. 

You Deserve To Look After Yourself 

If no one has told you, you do deserve it: the chance to fully exhale, while life temporarily slips away, as you firmly place the spotlight on yourself…for once. Something that will rebuild your confidence, restore your self-worth, & remind you of the importance of self-care is absolutely something you deserve. That is the power of a boudoir photoshoot. 

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To get more self-care tips from Gabby Jockers, the Mindful Boudoir Photographer and co-creator of The Body Deck Affirmation Cards, check out her website’s Self Care Resources Section.  


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