2022 Recap for Andrea Baue Photography

Oh my goodness it has been quite the year. 2022 was a year filled with excitement, sadness, and hopefulness. This year was filled with lots of learning, emotionally, physically and mentally.There was quite a bit of traveling which feeds my soul, and lots of reflection about how I want to continue helping other women recognize and own their own beautiful!

This year Andrea Baue photography photographed over 70 women!! Sooooo incredible that I was able to meet and create friendships with these women. If you didn’t know after a photo session with me one of the bonuses is that we are best friends hahahah! Ok maybe not best friends but I do like to consider all of my clients friends! Each and every body that came into the studio really inspires me and touches my heart in different ways. It truly is incredible how people can connect to one another.

This year I did a some incredible themed sessions that brought the clients together!! The first one was all about womens rights called F** * the Patriarchy. The women each took turns sharing why and how impactful Roe vs, Wade being over turned is and then we wrote some messages on our bodies because our bodies are what we own! You can see the images from that here.

We also did an amazing panty picnic, where we got together had some yummy treats and enjoyed nature in our underwear!! It was a blast seeing complete strangers get comfortable around one another and how inclusive and kind everyone was!

The last themed one that we did was that I rented out a pool and we had private pool party!!! I just realized that I have not blogged those yet so I need to do that. Every year I do plan to do sessions in the water because I loooooveee water hahah! It is so much fun to see everyone’s cute bathing suits and just enjoy the water and get away from it all!

It was a very great year for growth and change and I am welcoming that into this new year!! I just have to say thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to do what I am so passionate about. if you are ready to be one of the amazing ladies I get to photograph this year please make sure to fill out this form and I will get back to you!


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