Panty Picnic Individuals!!!

Here is what you all have been waiting for!!! The group pictures were amazing but these individual images are chef’s kiss!! Perfection if you ask me!! Out door sessions are always challenging because you never know what the weather will do. We started off with very bright sunny skies and then it moved into being cloudy for a bit. If you ever do a session outside you must be very flexible and patience because you just never know what will happen!

The first girl up is Ms. A. she was a brave soul and went first!! Isn’t that peach color just perfect on her skin tone!

Next up is Ms. K. I had never met her before but she came with a friend who I had photographed before. This is what she had to say after the session. “I am still glowing from this experience! Thank you all again.”

Ms. C. is a friend of Louise’s and just so darn nice!!! This dusty mauve color is probably one of my favorites it has me dreaming of fall hahaha!!

Last but not least for this blog post is Ms. S. I have photographed her before for a whole session and it was just amazing getting to catch up with her and photograph her again!!!

Aren’t they all just amazing! This was just half of the amazing women who decided to do the panty picnic. Stay tuned for the next set of girls that I will sharing soon!!! If you are interested in ever doing a group session join my private Facebook group this is where I post any information first.


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