Sweater Weather

Oh man do I love photographing sweaters….. I am not sure what it is about sweaters, maybe it is the fact that you can wear them and no one knows you whether or not you are wearing bra! LOL But anyways waters can be sexy, sweet, innocent, or even tempting. There is something about how it hides just enough and shows off your body as well. Ms. J knows this all to well!! She came in mainly with sweaters and I was so excited because I knew that we could get so many different looks from these.

This girl is such an incredible force to be reckoned with. She is on a journey of self love and realized that she wanted to capture herself right here right now. She knows how important it is to document yourself, right now because you will never be the same right now. I can’t wait to photograph her again! If you are ready to own your beautiful right now contact me here.


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