10 Tips to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

Here are a few tips to prepare for your boudoir session, if you have more questions go ahead and post below and I will answer them!

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Lingerie isn’t your only option.

We have plenty of women come into our studio and never put on an inch of lacy lingerie… and their photos are still HOT. You’d be surprised what an oversized tee, cheeky underwear, and the right smile can do. Just saying. So if lingerie isn’t your thing, chat with us and get ready to have one of the best Boudoir Experiences yet!

Water, water, water, everywhere.

Skip the fake tan, the creams, and lotions, and drink a ton of water. Water is what  is going to give that glowing skin that you’re after, so in the week before your session, double down on your water breaks. Your body will thank you for it… and you’ll be thankful when you see your photos for the first time in your ordering session πŸ˜‰


Boudoir is a feeling.

Boudoir is feeling sexy because you’re a boss. Boudoir is feeling confident in your new body. Boudoir is feeling like a warrior because of all you’ve been through. Boudoir is whatever feeling makes you feel ALIVE. That is what boudoir is. Don’t let anyone else tell you any different…

Leave the Thongs at home.

Thongs are gorgeous, but the vibe they give in a photograph is a lot different than in real life. Instead, choose cheeky or hipster underwear. Even a french cut bikini bottom or a high waist bottom is a better option and adds so much more style to the overall photograph.

Get Pampered Two Days Before.

Nails, haircut and color, waxing… all of the major pampering sessions should happen at least two days before our session. Take the time to truly indulge in the experience. No spray or cream tans. Ever.  Simple moisturize your beautiful skin after showering each time and before your come to your photoshoot.

Come with Clean Dry Hair.

Make sure that your hair is clean and completely dry when you arrive at our studio for your photoshoot. There is no need to put oils and leave-in’s in your hair either- our amazing HMUA is going to dirty up your hair a bit anyway while she styles it. If your hair is THE MOST hair that has ever existed on a head, then wash your hair the day before our session and let it air dry to its natural beauty. This will be the best canvas for our HMUA to work with.

Eat Before Your Photoshoot.

I get it that you want to look your best, but being drained, cranky, and hangry is definitely not your best. One amazing healthy meal is not going to change how you look in your photos, first of all. And second of all, that’s why you’ve hired me! I make you look your best! SO make sure you eat something healthy before your session and if you’re like me and need snacks every 5.2 seconds, bring them and snack away all day. Happy you = Amazing Photos. Period.

Bring Too Many Options

You heard it. Bring too many wardrobe options. Fit, style, color… it all plays a role in how you look in something on camera and its always better to have too many options than not enough. When you go out to try on new outfits, take a word of advice from Stylist Rose Jubb, “don’t be selective about what you bring into the dressing room. Be very selective of what you bring home with you.”

Wear Comfy Clothes The Day Of.

Lines on your skin from bras can stay for way too long, and we definitely don’t want those in your album! So wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing before your photoshoot and when you arrive at the studio. It’s also a good idea to wear something that buttons or zips up on top so that you don’t mess up your hair and makeup when it’s time to change.

Last but not least, Get Your Beauty Rest πŸ˜‰

We all know how important sleep is, right?! It’s like, the most important thing next to eating healthy. Just like being a hangry B, being sleep deprived can cause you to not feel so well and not look as great as you’re supposed to. Make sure you get 7-8 hours (or whatever your body needs… and your family will allow) for AT LEAST the week before your photoshoot. Then, once you see how amazing you feel after getting enough sleep, keep doing it even after your photoshoot


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