Ms. B Showing A Bit Of Fun And A Bit Of Sass

Ms. B contacted me and wanted to do a shoot for herself and to celebrate her. She wanted images that would showcase who she is, in all aspects, a geek, a curvy girl, a lover, powerful, strong and full of sass. She had a couple of different ideas that she wanted to incorporate such a fun t-shirt that celebrates her geekiness. what I admired most about Ms. B is that she was so comfortable being naked in the studio. She loves her tummy and truth be told she taught me a lot about how to be more comfortable with mu own body and that having a tummy is a good cuddly thing! 🙂

We ended up doing several different sets because she was just so much and we laughed so much during her photoshoot. She had several ideas that would spark ideas that I wanted to do, so we spent the day just having a blast! Check out these beautiful photos, and if you want to have fun and laugh all day make sure to get more info on a boudoir session here!


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