What Kind of Boudoir Girl Are You?

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You might think that boudoir is not for you because you feel like you don’t know how to be “sexy” or “alluring.” In fact you might think, I am just a girl who feels cute sometimes and is a bit geeky, I could never pull off a sexy face if I wanted to.  Well let me tell you there are several different kinds of boudoir shoots and I am sure that one (or even a combination) will resonate with you. Check them out below!!

Sweater boudoir

The Sweet, Innocent Boudoir Shoot

This is for all of my shy girls out there! Smiling, laughing and just very coyly giving a little bit of tease can be very sexy.  These images tend to be brightly lit and let your personality shine. This is the perfect place to start with boudoir if you are just super unsure and nervous because you tend to be more clothed and it is a very relaxed atmosphere.  We might even use a few props such as coffee cups or big fuzzy blankets.

boudoir glamour with black robe

The Glamorous Boudoir shoot

This shoot I like to refer to more  the old hollywood movie star glam photoshoot. Picture a see through robe that is trimmed in fur, high heels and opulent jewelry.  You could incorporate elbow gloves, a long satin nightgown and of course you would need to have a classic red lip, I love to think elegant and oh so glamorous for this shoot!

Key hole black lingerie for boudoir

The Vixen Boudoir Shoot 

This is where you unleash your inner tiger!!! I love thinking this look as more film noir, darker images, facial expressions will be more sultry( don’t worry I will show you how) and you will just be feelin yo’self! Picture yourself in a sexy strappy little outfit, or even cheetah print with big loose curls and fierce makeup.You can’t help but let the inner badass in you out, when you do this type of boudoir

books and boudoir

The Hobbyist Boudoir Shoot 

This shoot is based around your love of something, it could be your love books, such as Harry Potter.  It could be that you have a favorite sports team, or maybe you love music and play an instrument. This shoot is all about you and your passion whatever it maybe!  

pregnancy boudoir silhouette

The Maternity Boudoir Shoot

 This is obviously a very specialized type of photoshoot.  I think that this is one of the most touching and sincere boudoir photoshoots, because this is to celebrate your body as it grows your little one. The pictures show the love  between mother and child, as well as the beauty of pregnant woman.

Wedding Boudoir with veil and pink bra

The Bridal Boudoir Shoot

This for the woman who is getting married, the one who wants to remember little details such as her veil or her garter oh and don’t forget something blue. She wants to give a little surprise to her significant other  but also to remember how she looked during this special time in her life!

As you can see there are many different types of boudoir. Whatever kind of boudoir shoot you resonate with we can make it happen at Andrea Baue Photography! So what kind of boudoir photoshoot do you see yourself doing?


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