Sexy White Sheets


So you know in the movies how after a sexy scene you always see the girl wrapped in the sheets and her hair is all tousled and  she looks so content and happy…  What is it about those white sheets?

Now imagine being able to give your significant other pictures of you wrapped in a white sheet looking sexy with your hair tousled and looking confident and maybe a bit mischievous….  you will have to pick up their jaw when it hits the floor!

If you want this reaction  the white sheet photography session is for you!  It is also  the answer to everyone’s  top two reasons on why they feel like they shouldn’t get a boudoir session.

Reason 1- I need to loose 10 lbs- nope not anymore I will camouflage all the bits you don’t like with the sheet.

Reason 2- I don’t have anything to wear- perfect all we need is a white sheet! 😉

Black and white outdoor white sheet laughingOutdoor wrapped in a sheet boudoir Tattoo shoulder white session boudoirwrapped in white sheet boudoir photoBlonde freckles sensual photoRed head and satin white sheetsBrown eyes red head sexy photo

With this session it truly allows the radiance of you to shine through! So go ahead and book now to so you can pick your honey’s jaw off the floor for Valentine’s Day! 


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