Portraits in Minneapolis


I am loving the community of Minneapolis and all of the genuine people here.  This dear girl came to me wanting to try a couple of different looks for some portraits in Minneapolis.
She wanted to explore boudoir but then she also saw my tulle skirts and wanted to play with them. The beautiful thing about having my studio is that I have a wardrobe that you can also dress up and choose from.  This girl is so stunning and had probably one of the best smiles I have seen! She was so relaxed and natural I would have sworn she had a boudoir photo shoot before!

Look at this gorgeous girl!!!! I just loved how she owned every single inch of her body.  She had the confidence and knew that she had rolls but she loves them! This is what I inspire every woman to be like when they leave my studio.  I want every woman to own their own kind of beautiful. white button down boudoirBlack and white portraitwhite sheets, curvy girlwhite bralette curvy girlTattoos and cleavagebrown off the shoulder sweater boudoirWhite bralette arch the backOff the shoulder sweater for boudoirwhite sheet, latino, boudoirbelly dancing scarf, red, portraitTwin cities boudoir curvy girl butt black and whiteBelly dancer, blue coin scarf

Tulle and laceTulle skirts and being a princess

white button shirt portrait in minneapolis

If you are interested in your own photo experience please check out this link for more info!


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