Hi all I have decided to join a blog circle that was created by Girl hearts camera.  If you haven’t checked out Girl hearts camera please do so it is an amazing supportive group.
Anyways each month we have a subject and we will have to post how we interpret it. This month the subject is Be Supportive. So basically we have about 7 different people in each circle and our blog will link to one other persons blog. If you are interested in the subject you can click through all of the blogs and support all of us, they will be all be different because each of us gets to interpret the them in how we see fit.

So stay tuned on Monday I will post my first blog for the circle. Can’t wait for this and here is a picture of a wagon wheel which I think speaks well for this blog circle since each of us represents a spoke in the wheel we all have to work together otherwise the blog circle will not work!


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