Well this is the second blog circle post for the Girl hearts camera. This month I was having a difficult time coming up with something so I decided that I would show some pictures of things that are tricky for me to photograph.
One of the first difficult things that I have had to shoot is my mother’s dogs. She has a website with her breed and I was taking pictures for the website, boy are animals difficult to shoot sometimes!

I love fall but here in the Northwest it is often extremely wet so getting chance to take picture of the beautiful leaves tends to look like this, but this year I was able to get a few good ones.

Children are also sometimes very tricky to get what you want because life just gets in the way… as well as lighting.. but then sometimes the pictures still work because they tell a story.

I know that my photography is getting better but sometimes it is important to look back at what you have accomplished and how you have overcame those tricky situations that are difficult to shoot.  What sort of things do you find tricky to take pictures of?  Please check out how  Jessica interpreted our Be Tricky theme by reading her blog next.


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