I hope you read my previous blog about joining a blog circle. This is the first one we are doing which is all about support. We all have different people who are supportive of us, I have my family and friends who are wonderful and I couldn’t do what I do without them. I also have the community on Girl hearts camera which is a great place where the photographers are all very supportive. So this month’s theme is “Be Supportive.” I feel as if this couldn’t come at a better time. Right now with the internet and technology (which I love) sometimes it can be easy not to  be supportive of  each other and other photographers. It is very easy hide behind the computer screen and say mean things, steal blogs or photos or hurt others.  I seem to be finding more and more photographers that are not being supportive with each other and to me I feel as if this is hurting our profession.

This is what is happening since we are not being supportive, the rumors and mean statements are slowly tearing down the building (our profession).  If we can’t act professional with other photographers ( who share our passion) how can we be professional with our clients? Why can’t we build each other up and give people props instead of being jealous of them?  Why can’t we give constructive criticism if there is something we don’t like? I think that as a profession photography can be very lonely it is a one person job so why can’t we be supportive of each other and help each other.

I am challenging each of you to change the way you think.  If you feel that life isn’t fair figure out a way that can change it.  Life is hard, photography is hard, and there aren’t any short cuts, but you just have to get out there and practice. Try and see the positive in someone if they are doing something that is bothering you. Acknowledge your feelings and then try to turn them positive.  Think about how you can support another photographer or friend or family member, and show them that you support them.  I am going to get more active with photography and I will show my support by being more active on the photography boards.  Typically I am pretty quiet on the boards and I just read, but this month I will respond and just be more active.  I am also going to show my family and friends more how much I appreciate their support.  Please go and show your support by reading Sarah’s Blog. Go out there and be supportive of each other everyday!


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