My Mother


Let me tell you about my mom….
She is such a strong, loving, kind, tell it like it is, woman.
She is a  nurturer,  so very smart, funny, sweet, and always supportive.
She will ask the tough questions, but with love.
She is creative, sparkly, and her smile lights up a room.
She is a nurse, a singer,  a cook, a farmer.
She is elegant, and regal, who isn’t afraid to get dirty.
She is sassy, but  gentle, she loves deeply and fiercely.
She is a world traveler, a historian, a family story teller.
She is  a wife, a daughter, a sister but most of all she is my mom.
My mother75 year old portraitgrandmother and mothersmiling picture with grey hairolder generation photographnever to old to exist in photographslaughing picture of my mother Thank You mom for teaching me how to be all of these things, but most of all to be myself! I love you and thank you for letting me capture you in these photos, I feel blessed that I will always have these portraits to remember you by! Thank you for existing in photographs.



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