Me Ra Koh’s Confidence Workshop Day 2

Well if you read the previous post you will know that I had the fortunate situation that allowed for me to go to one of Me Ra Koh’s Confidence workshops. On the second day we were able to learn more about lighting and how it can affect the photograph. We had an opportunity to work in a studio in Tacoma, the studio was owned by a previous attendee of the Confidence workshops. This time we were able to shoot families. There were lots of different families, I was able to shoot a family of four who had two little girls, one loved to be in front of the camera and wanted her picture taken while the other little girl wasn’t feeling very good so she was a bit shy. Â Then there was a family of three with the cutest little boy who has sooooo happy. There was also a baby who slept through the entire shoot which was amazing because there were so many people running around and taking pictures and such.


It was a whirlwind of crazy fun!  We ended the day talking about how we felt and I was pretty much overwhelmed, tired and excited all at that same time!  I will talk about how this opportunity changed me later… so hopefully you will stay tuned!


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