Me Ra Koh’s Confidence Workshop Day 1

I had the pleasure to be able to attend Me Ra Koh’s Confidence Workshop at the end of January this year in Tacoma.  Me Ra Koh is a Seattle photographer who has an amazing spirit and heart. She and her husband hold these workshops throughout the country and they are a two days of fun filled action!  The first day we learned all about shooting manual and then was encouraged to try and shoot the baby models on manual mode.  This was the first time that manual mode actually stuck for me! Brain and Me Ra broke it down very simply and with consistently repeating how they set up the cameras we were ready to meet our models.  This little boy was so dang cute and happy.  He loved cars and was crawling all over the place! But you can see by the end he started to get so tired and sleepy.


We ended the day getting to have dinner with Brian and Me Ra as well what a treat. The first day had so much great information and I remember how hard it was for me to fall asleep because my head was just spinning. Stay tuned for day 2!




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