When will I see my images from my session?

Our clients will see their images from their session two weeks after their photoshoot! 

How does the Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment work?

Your Ordering Appointment is your time to view all of your gorgeousness and decide which images you will be purchasing! We pull all of your images up on the TV and go through them one at a time, we will show you all images in color and in black & white. There are a variety of different print and digital options.

How long is the Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment?

We allot 90 minutes for each client to view their images and make their purchasing decisions. While this may seem like a lot of time, most of our clients are done in an hour. Others take the full 90 minutes! It is important to be decisive as the time moves quickly. We would love to offer our clients unlimited time to view and make purchasing decisions, however in an effort to be fair and reasonable to all we do have to limit the appointment to the 90 minute block.

How should I prepare?

It is normal to be nervous to view your images!! We want you to come into the ordering appointment with an open mind and that you are going to treat yourself kindly like a friend would. 

What do I need to bring?

 Your beautiful face, and your payment method. Even if you have pre-purchased a Collection, you may decide to add additional products or upgrade your Collection. Please remember we do not offer payment plans after your session.
Payment options are: cash, credit, debit, PayPal credit, or PayPal.

Please come alone. We do not allow guests/children to attend your Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment.

How many images will I see?

Every session is different, but we typically show 80-120 unique images per client. 

What about photoshop or editing?

We will edit all images prior to viewing. We will remove bruises, pimples, and scratches. We will also even skin tone and lighten any dark circles under the eyes. Should you have additional retouching requests, they must be made at your Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment, and if the request is outside our normal scope of work may require additional fees.

How long will it take to receive my Collection/Album/Prints, etc?

With your payment in full you will receive the prints and products in 6-8 weeks. If you need your images faster than this turnaround time, please consult with us. We may be able to accommodate some requests with or without a rush fee added. 

Products can either be shipped to you or you can pick them up at the studio. Please let us know at the Ordering Appointment if you'd like them shipped! We offer free shipping, so it truly is about whatever makes it easier for you!

Will my products be shipped to me or do I need to come pick them up?

There is no option to have an online gallery or a second Ordering Appointment.

Can I make additional purchases at a later date?

What happens to the images I do not purchase?

As discussed in the Session Guide, we do not archive your images after your ordering appointment. Therefore, you will not be able to return and order additional images. However, if you purchase the Digital Collection with the high-resolution files, you can send them to us for printing or you may print them through a third-party.

We delete them after your appointment.

All sales are final. Once your Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment are complete, we will have you fill out a Final Sale agreement, which states that we cannot allow for changes to your order. This is studio policy for all clients and no exceptions will be made. You may not change, alter, add, reduce, or request any other types of changes after the Ordering Appointment.

Will my images be shared?

No, we will not share your images without your explicit written consent. We will discuss this at your ordering appointment and have you fill out a form going over this.  


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