Do You Have a Senior This Year?


Calling all parents who have a  senior this year…. this is such an amazing transitional time for your children.  They are changing and becoming legal adults, and even if you wish you could keep them home for the rest of their lives, you know that you need to let them go and be on their way.  But first you need to capture their last year in photographs and to capture who they are right at this moment!
This dear girl chose to have photographs outside, she is on her way to Art school this year she has taken many AP classes to jump start her college career.  She loves the wind in her hair, fashion, and  learning about women in business.    I know that she is going to be an incredible artist, and can we just holy moly on the blue eyes!

Let me help you capture your child’s personality and individuality and spontaneity through photographs.   Click here for more information!



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