Amara’s Montana Senior Photos

Amara is such a dear beautiful girl with a heart of gold.  But the one thing that I admire about her the most is her sassiness and her ability to just be herself even if others may not approve.  She has the confidence that any 37 year old woman would love to have. Her heart is huge for her family and animals, which was great since we had cat and a dog that decided to follow us around and try to be of help.    She also really has no fear, she was willing to climb up into old tires and tromp around in the grass and fields, she even fell jumping down from a trailer and she just cracked up laughing, what a great spirit.
For her photo shoot she wanted casual country pictures, since  that is who she is!  I adored the fact that she brought her grandfather’s cowboy boots to wear, since they held a special place in her heart.  I know that she is going to go far and achieve great things when she graduates!

Senior photo



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