Rockin Her Mom Bod during a Minneapolis boudoir experience and loving it!

Rockin her mom bod!

Ms. J came in for her boudoir photoshoot and she was nervous but sooooo excited to step out of her comfort zone. She knew her body had changed because she just had a baby, and I couldn’t wait to show her how freaking amazing she looked. Sh also followed my suggestions for what kinds of lingerie to bring that will photograph well and I couldn’t just narrow it down to three outfits LOL!

mom in orange lingerie against a flower wall

She had a few things she wanted to share for the blog. Here are her own words!

Blue wall and woman standing in black lace teddy

“My ex husband never made me feel pretty or any kind of attractiveness. Now I am in a relationship with an amazing man that tells me daily that I’m gorgeous, hot and just sexy . This was a bit of a change for me. So now that I have a boyfriend that completely adores every part of my body, which is amazing, but I wanted to see and understand what he sees and loves everyday too. It was hard for me to believe he thought me as sexy. If all of that wasn’t enough I also recently had a baby so I wanted to see how much I could rock the new mom bod again. And boy did I rock it!

Black and white picture of woman in lingerie on a bed

I wasn’t sure what all a boudoir would entail but boy was this process so easy! Andrea made me feel so comfortable and she did a great job of rocking that camera and showing off my awesome assets.

Girl smiling in turquoise body suit leaning on pink blanket

The pictures turned out great and it was truly hard to decide which ones. I never thought I would like so many images of myself! I was happy I went with the book, cause my guy goes through it monthly to look through all the pictures.”

Girl kneeling on green sofa strappy lingerie

If you are curious about how a photoshoot works or you are ready to rock you incredible mom bod click here!

red wall and dark haired girl in red lingerie

dark haired girl in body suit on gold sheets

boudoir shoot in minneapolis studio on black couch


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