Power Of Words Empowerment Session

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In this empowerment session we decided to dive deep into words that have hurt us. We all have had some sort of words that have hurt us. So we had a group of women come in and write down words that they have been called. When they were done writing the words we asked them how they felt to be called that word. We all shared about how these words felt like they have power over us and that we have certain labels about ourselves.

The next step was that we each took turns ripping up the words and let go of the power of those words over us. We took back our own power.

We then all wrote positive words on our bodies to give us new labels and to really show who we are. It was such a fun uplifting day where we all helped each other crush those harmful words and create new definitions of ourselves. Please remember that words have power and what you say to yourself matters!


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