Self Care is Not Selfish

Self Care isn't Selfish

Right now our world is a bit crazy… It might seem as if there is never enough time in the day if you are trying to homeschool the children since schools are closed, work from home plus cook three meals a day who has time for self care.  But the truth of the matter is if you don’t take care of yourself you really can’t give yourself fully to your family or to your work.  So I wanted to write a blog talking about some self care ideas that you can do.  They don’t have to take long unless you want them too 🙂 

1. Clean & organize your space

When the world outside feels out of control, focus on the things you can control. You can control how your space feels—if your space feels tidy and fresh, your mind will feel more calm as well.

2. Disconnect from the noise

Whether it’s the news, social media, or emails, stop consuming excessive content that adds to your fear, stress, and anxiety. There’s a fine line between staying informed and giving into the ego that loves drama. 

So disconnect from the noise, put your phone away, and create a calm and peaceful headspace where you’re not pulled into the craze and panic.

3. Journal

Journaling is an amazing tool for working through your thoughts and emotions, which can be incredibly helpful during chaotic times like this. Even if it is just for 5 minutes take the time to journal about what is happening and what you are grateful for each day.


4. Take an online class

You can also use this time to learn something new through online classes or tutorials. An amazing platform for online classes is Skillshare.

5. Exercise at home


Since it’s not ideal to go to gyms, find a new exercise routine at home that’s fun to do. 

Now is the perfect time to try out yoga. There are plenty of reasons to start practicing yoga, from stress relief to increased flexibility to heart health, so give it a go. You’ll be surprised by how much it’ll calm you and help you feel more balanced.  

Or Get outside in the fresh air for your exercise  which will  help soothe your stress. If you don’t have a yard to work out in, you can still go for a safe walk (while keeping your distance from others). The mental health benefits of spending time in nature and visiting green spaces are incredible, so get out there if you can, take a deep breath of air, and enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin.

6. Read

Get lost in a good book. It could be something practical or something entirely impractical. It really doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy it.

7. Practice a hobby or creative activity

Hobbies are usually things we push to the bottom of our priority list, but they actually do so much for our happiness! After all this, you might just be able to make time for this hobby in your weekly routine, to make time for something that brings you joy.

8. Take a bath


Relax in a luxurious bubble bath, put on some good music, light a scented candle, use a body scrub and pamper yourself, letting everything else melt away. Immersing yourself in hot water helps to relax your muscles and relieve tension in your body—which is the physical manifestation of your stress. It also gives you some time to be completely still and enjoy your surroundings. 

9. Indulge in skincare

Give your skin some extra love. As you wash your face, imagine washing all the dirt and negativity away. As you replenish your skin with hydration and vitamins, think of how you’re giving back to yourself, nourishing and loving yourself.

10. Follow your heart

You don’t need to feel obligated to make a list or keep busy during your staycation. 

What if you were to do nothing? Simply do nothing, then listen to your heart, and see what it wants. Leave it open and see what happens.

The point is to not feel forced or pressured to do anything.

 Would love to hear about which self care act you are going to do this week leave me a note! 


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