2020 Bombshells

Oh my goodness what a strange year this 2020 has been. Andrea Baue Photography has grown in so many ways and I am proud to say that I was able to photograph 50 incredible women this year! These 50 women all decided that they were worth existing in photographs. They decided to push themselves out of their comfort zone and put their absolute trust in me. They decided that even though they might not look like women we see in media, they deserve to feel beautiful, sexy and confident. 2020 was truly a year where we needed a little time to spoil ourselves because this year was harrrrrrddddd and dammit we all deserve to spend money on ourselves!

2020 bombshells

This first set of women are soon to be wives who had to postpone their weddings. Are women with curves who never see their body as beautiful. Are women who needed a pick me up because the isolation was causing depression. They are women who want to celebrate their strength in learning a new activity. These women are embracing their skin that they are given.


This second set of women truly show so much courage and strength. This set of women celebrated getting out of abusive relationships. These women celebrate their individuality, and breaking out of toxic relationships with family members. These women recognized how stunning their curves are. These women lost jobs and found their own entrepreneurial spirit. These women recognized that that is ok and worthwhile to feel sexy in their own skin.


2020 really made you realize who you are inside. These girls learned more about who they were in politics, in city turmoil, in racial unjust and of course a pandemic but with all of the unrest they learned more about their own core believes. These girls learned more about compassion and love not just for others but for themselves. They learned how to use their voices, their hearts and spirit to make this year better. These women recognized their own passions inside of themselves and allowed themselves to see their beautiful souls inside.


The next set of incredible women are so special. Several of these women I have gotten to know over several years because several of them this was photoshoot number two, or three, or even four!!! These women learned more about how to bring joy into their lives. These women created gifts for their significant others and then realized how badly they needed a session for themselves. These women are learning more and more about self acceptance and body neutrality. these women have lost weight, have gained weight but they can still recognize how amazing their bodies are. These women used these sessions to uplift themselves during a difficult year and they deserve to see how beautiful they are!


The last set of women, are sooooo creative. They truly have so many amazing ideas and I hope they realize how incredible i and fun t is to work with other creatives! These women know how to push outside the envelope, they have visions that they brought to the shoot and allowed me to interpret their vision with my own!! These women struggled with depression, not feeling valued, losing jobs, losing loved ones, not being recognized for all of the hard work they do. These women chose to do this only for themselves because they are freaking worth it!!

These 50 women might not know it but they all inspired me in so many ways!!! I just wanted to give a big thank you and shout out to these amazing, smart, sexy, confident, brave, inspirational, beautiful women!! Thank you for making my year amazing.


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