I don’t have anything to wear for my boudoir session!


Oh Honey yes you do!! This is the number one excuse I get all of the time from people!!!! Let me be honest, you really don’t have to go shopping at all we could do a very elegant session where it is  just you and sheets! But I know that may sound way to scary for some, so I would love to let you know a little secret…. sexy doesn’t mean lingerie to a lot of people!!! Say what?!?!?! I know right! At Andrea Baue Photography we want you to feel sexy and yet comfortable because if you are wearing something you aren’t comfortable in it will show in the pictures.  So here are a few tips for what you could wear that you have right now in your closet! 

1. It is the beginning of fall and  that means big cozy sweaters!!! They can be very sexy if they fall off your shoulder or if you are just in them and maybe knee high socks… This look is a very casual sexy look that many people love! 

sweaters for boudoir

2. Well summer is almost over and let me tell you what else is sexy is a white t-shirt or white tank top.  Now I know what you are thinking that isn’t very sexy but when you add a little bit of water to the shirt in certain places  yes it is!  It is probably one of my favorite sessions to do!! 

white t-shirt for boudoir

3.Now if you went to the pool or lake at all this summer you will have the next item in your closet for sure. A swimsuit!!! swimsuits are like body suits which is probably the best the thing ever for a photographer to shoot!! All sizes can rock a body suit or swimsuit and they hug just the right curves! 

swimsuit for boudoir

4. Robes, scarves or other fabric that drapes or has texture that you love can also be used during the shoot to help accentuate your curves is great! 

scarves for boudoir

5. Any items that have sentimental value to you or your partner.  This could be anything from jewelry to maybe a shirt or cowboy hat.  If it has sentimental value bring it! 

plaid shirt for boudoir

6. Any cute bra or panty sets or even fishnet stockings… Most women I know have at least one set of bra and panties that just make them feel va va voom sexy…. bring these!!! If you don’t have a set then you need to go out and buy a set right now because everyone should have this in their closet! 

pink bra and panty set

7. Normal clothes… now wait how is this sexy… well it is about posing… if you are posed while slowly unbuttoning your jeans that can be really sexy because it leaves things to the imagination.  A little black dress that might have zipper in the back can be great as well.

jeans for boudoir

There you have it, 7 clothing options to wear for a boudoir session that should be in your closet as we speak! Let me know if you have any other questions or if you would like to book a session please fill out this form here


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